Arizona’s Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Arizona criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Corso & Rhude are your advocates through whatever challenges life may present you. We are skilled Arizona criminal defense lawyers experienced in handling everything from DUI defense to civil speeding tickets. Rest assured, our criminal defense lawyers are your advocates for any and all family issues that may arise.

Our experienced Arizona criminal defense attorneys can advise you with all your criminal defense needs including Arizona DUI defensedomestic violence defense, possession of drugs, felony drug charges, photo radar, criminal speeding, disorderly conduct and marijuana possession.

Our Arizona criminal defense law firm was founded by former Maricopa County (Arizona) Attorney’s Office prosecutors Christopher Corso and John Rhude and we have quickly garnered a reputation for our effectiveness in the courtroom and for being a strong advocate of our defendants’ rights.Arizona's Criminal Lawyers Corso & Rhude

We’re here to help you with your case. Corso & Rhude criminal defense attorneys provide expert legal advice and the personal attention that every client deserves. Whether it’s a criminal case, DUI charge or traffic violation, Corso & Rhude attorneys have the benefit of their years of experience on the both sides of the legal fence – prosecuting and defending clients – to assist you in receiving the fairest outcome to your case.

Corso & Rhude lawyers have more than a decade’s worth of combined experience in the prosecutor’s office. We believe that everyone has the right to experienced defense lawyers who will fight for their rights in any Arizona misdemeanor or felony crime case.

But even more than that, we want our clients to feel that their attorney is working for them. Maintaining honest, open lines of communication between us, our clients and their families is not only important, it’s vital to how we handle criminal defense cases.

You’ll find information on all Arizona criminal defense matters here, but we recognize that your case requires personal attention. Please contact the Law Office of Corso and Rhude today for a free consultation. Our criminal defense attorneys will meet with you to discuss your unique situation and help you determine the best means of action.

To schedule a free consultation, please call (480) 471-4616. Corso & Rhude is located at 14500 N. Northsight Blvd., Suite 116 in Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260.

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